How to order?

  • All orders are processed in this website, browse the products and add the products you would like to buy inside your cart with a click of a button then, if you're satisfied with your cart and ready to buy, click the checkout button to place your order.

What payment methods do you accept?

  • We accept GCash and payments from InstaPay or PesoPay by sending to our EastWest Bank account.

Do you accept installments?

  • Yes, we do, you can find out if a product accepts installments by checking its description.

What is the ETA of your pre-orders?

  • Please understand that for pre-order items they will be first be imported from South Korea.
  • All orders will be grouped and consolidated inside a big box in our Korea Warehouse where it will stay for one month, or earlier until the box is full, then it will be closed.
  • The box will then be dispatched to the Philippines, the ETA of arrival is 2-4 weeks (semi-fast ETA).
  • Once the box has arrived to our warehouse in the Philippines, orders/items inside the box will then be called as "onhand", it is practically ready to ship.
  • Orders will be sorted and then packed, after shipment, your order will be updated with the tracking number.

What is the ETA of onhand products?

  • Once the order is fully paid, it will be shipped to your chosen courier within 4 business days.

How can I contact you for support?

What are your terms and conditions?